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A selection of three disc golf disc types

Disc Golf Disc Selection: Choose The Right Discs

The foundation of a great disc golf game is built upon a solid understanding of disc selection, which can lead to success on the course and progress into intermediate and advanced levels.

To help make the learning process smooth and enjoyable, we'll be delving into the essential criteria for selecting your first putters and mid-range discs, as well as discussing the importance of feel and neutral flight characteristics in the early stages of your disc golf development.

Key Takeaways

  • Selecting the right putters and mid-range discs is crucial for beginners.
  • Focus on neutral flight characteristics and comfortable feel when choosing discs.
  • Familiarize yourself with various discs and try them out to find the best fit for your game.

Disc Selection Overview

With the incredible growth of disc golf during the pandemic, we know many of you are new players eager to start your journey in the sport. Our main goal is to provide you with a strong foundation to set you up for success as you progress from a beginner to an intermediate player. Let's get it.

Putters: The Key to Your Game

Three disc golf putters

Selecting the right putter is crucial when you're just starting out. You'll want a putter with a neutral flight and a comfortable feel in your hand. Putters can have a bead on the bottom, which affects the feel, so try out both beaded and beadless discs to see what you prefer. A few recommended beginner-friendly putters are:

Putters are crucial for ensuring your form is correct, giving you more control on the course, and helping you build a solid foundation.

The Power of Midrange Discs

Disc golf midranges

Similar to putters, you'll want a midrange with a nice neutral flight. Mid-range discs will give you a bit more distance compared to putters. Here are a couple of great beginner options:

  • Svea: The Kastaplast Svea midrange is my go-to suggestion for new players. It flies extremely straight and is slightly understable.
  • Buzzz: Known as one of the greatest mid-ranges in disc golf, the Buzzz is incredibly stable and perfect for beginners.

You need to understand the fundamentals of throwing, which is why using neutral flight putters and mid-ranges will help you hone your skills.

Steer Clear of Overstable Discs

When starting out in disc golf, it's important to avoid using overstable discs. Overstable discs are more challenging for beginners to control and can mask any flaws in your form. By focusing on more neutral discs, you can decipher your form mistakes, promoting a cleaner technique on the course.

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Advantages of Neutral Discs for Learning

As beginners in the exciting world of disc golf, establishing a strong foundation is essential for our growth as players. One vital aspect that we should be aware of is choosing the right equipment, specifically neutral discs. These are a few advantages of having neutral discs as we embark on our disc golf journey.

  • Feel: Putters and midrange discs are crucial in giving us a comfortable grip and feel. Neutral discs usually have options for beaded and beadless designs, allowing us to pick the ones that suit our preferences and feel the best in our hands.

  • Straight Flight: Neutral discs, both putters and midrange, are perfect for honing our form, as they fly straight without any additional effort. This helps us practice a flat release and gain more control over our throws.

  • Less room for errors: Overstable discs can mask our mistakes in the beginning, leading to bad habits. Utilizing neutral discs helps us identify areas that need improvement and ensure our progress follows the right path.

  • Usability: As we advance in our disc golf skills, neutral discs remain valuable tools in our collection. They can be used for various techniques, such as hyzer flips and straight flights, as our throwing power and spin increase.

Starting with neutral discs is essential for building a good foundation in disc golf. They provide us with the necessary tools to improve our form, control, and consistent performance on the field. So, let's embrace this exciting journey and commit to perfecting our skills!

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