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Discmania Mutant

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    Discmania Mutant (Neo)

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    The Discmania Mutant (Neo) is a very overstable disc golf midrange that is grippy, very reliable, and great for intermediate and advanced players. ...

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Discmania Mutant Review

The Discmania Mutant is an extremely overstable midrange disc that offers steadfast reliability when it comes to wind resistance and predictable flights.

This disc has been dubbed the "cybertruck" of midranges due to its distinct design, emphasizing straight edges over traditional curves. As a utility disc, the Mutant shines in addressing difficult situations on the course, ensuring a consistent outcome regardless of windy conditions.

Notably exhibiting a speed of 5, the Mutant satisfactorily blends control with ample resistance to high-speed torque.

Discmania Mutant Flight Numbers:

  • Speed: 5
  • Glide: 3
  • Turn: 0
  • Fade: 4

Mutant Key Features:

  • Exceptionally overstable with a sharp end-fade
  • Designed with a unique geometric shape for consistent release
  • Ideal for carving out flex shots or escaping tight spots
  • Excellent choice for both backhand and forehand throwers
  • Constructed from premium Neo plastic for long-lasting performance

The Mutant serves as a utility player in your disc golf collection, reliably cutting through headwinds and not straying off course when thrown into the teeth of a gust. With low glide and a substantial fade, this disc is intended for those moments when precision is paramount, and you cannot afford to have the disc deviate from its intended line.

The durable Neo plastic ensures a superior hand feel and longevity, and its design promotes a stable hold and confident release, conducive to accurate and dependable throws. It's the preferred disc for those who need a midrange that will not falter, regardless of the power behind the throw or the challenges the elements may pose.

The Discmania Mutant is engineered for disc golfers demanding uncompromising stability and control on their midrange shots, emerging as an essential disc for navigating challenging wind conditions and technical layouts.