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Free U.S. Shipping Over $79

Discraft Challenger

Challenger Quick Facts:

  • Deep, overstable putter
  • Great for long approach shots
  • Available in multiple plastic options
  • Consistent flight and reliable stability
  • Comfortable feel in hand

Discraft Challenger Review

The Discraft Challenger is not just any putter and approach disc – it's a game-changer. With its tall, overstable profile and a tiny bead on the rim, the Challenger offers exceptional stability and control. This means it can handle those tricky long hyzer putts and powerful approach shots without the fear of turning over.

Designed to meet the demands of advanced players, the Challenger is a true workhorse on the course. Its consistent flight and dependability make it a go-to disc for those precise, challenging shots. When you need a disc that you can trust to navigate obstacles and find the chains, the Challenger is your solution.

Available in different plastic options, including Pro-D, soft X, and premium FLX, you can choose the Challenger that suits your preferences and style of play. The Pro-D plastic offers an affordable option with reliable performance, while the soft X plastic strikes a balance between grip and durability. For those seeking top-notch quality, the premium FLX plastic provides enhanced grip and a more premium feel.

What sets the Challenger apart is its comfortable feel in the hand. Its deep rim and small bead create an ergonomic shape that will fit snugly in your grip, allowing for clean and confident releases. The Challenger becomes an extension of your hand, making it easier to execute the shots you envision.

The word "Challenger" says it all – this disc is up for any challenge you throw at it. With its versatile performance, it can handle a range of shots, whether you need a straight flight, gentle fade, or strong hyzer. Advanced players appreciate its consistency, while beginners will find it forgiving and reliable.

Join the ranks of players who have fallen in love with the Discraft Challenger. Its exceptional stability, comfortable feel, and versatility make it a gem on the course. Try it out and experience the power and control it brings to your disc golf game.