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Discmania Splice

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    Discmania Splice (Neo)

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    The Discmania Splice (Neo) is a very overstable fairway driver that is extremely dependable, predictable, and ideal for advanced players. The Neo S...

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Discmania Splice Review

The Discmania Splice is a distinctly overstable fairway driver acclaimed for its wind-fighting capabilities and dependable fade, tailored for both backhand and forehand players.

Its supreme overstableness makes it a go-to choice for managing headwinds, executing skip shots, and navigating the course’s most challenging angles. The Splice fits a variety of grip styles comfortably and inspires confidence even in fierce conditions.

Forging a steadfast path with a speed rating of 9, the Splice ensures a powerful yet accurate throw when control and precision take priority over distance.

Discmania Splice Flight Numbers:

  • Speed: 9
  • Glide: 3
  • Turn: 0
  • Fade: 4

Splice Key Features:

  • Exceptional for headwind drives and executing complex lines
  • Remarkable overstability for reliable flights and finishes
  • Low glide to provide tighter control and minimize off-target drift
  • Trustworthy for flex shots or as a utility disc in adverse conditions
  • A great match for players looking for a disc that can deliver in a multitude of situations

The Splice's flight dynamics offer minimal turn and strong fade, allowing it to maintain its line before taking a decisive left dive (for right-hand backhand throwers) at the end of its flight. This characteristic is especially beneficial for strategic plays that demand a pronounced finish or for avoiding obstacles in obstructed fairways.

Durable C-line plastic ensures that the Splice will uphold its integrity and flight characteristics across countless rounds, despite the wear and tear of rough play or the occasional encounter with trees and paths.

In essence, the Discmania Splice anchors itself as a reliable fairway driver that thrives on accuracy and stability, providing disc golfers with a versatile tool designed to face the sport's most demanding conditions.