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Discraft Challenger SS

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    Discraft Challenger SS (Jawbreaker)

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    Discraft Challenger SS Flight Numbers Speed: 2 Glide: 3 Turn: -1 Fade: 2 Challenger SS Jawbreaker Dimensions Diameter: 21 cm Height: 2.2 cm Rim ...

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Challenger SS Quick Facts:

  • Stable flight with added speed
  • Smooth, longer flight to basket
  • Beadless rim for comfortable grip
  • Available in various plastic types
  • Perfect for both putting and throwing

Discraft Challenger SS Review: Stable Putter

The Discraft Challenger SS is the perfect putter and approach disc for those looking for a stable flight with added speed. As a more understable version of the popular Challenger putter, the Challenger SS offers a smooth, longer flight to the basket.

With a stable flight and a speed rating of 2, the Challenger SS is reliable in a variety of situations. It has a glide rating of 3, allowing for additional distance and ease of control. The turn rating of -1 ensures a smooth and predictable flight path, while the fade rating of 2 provides a consistent fade to the basket.

The Challenger SS features a beadless rim design, offering a comfortable grip and allowing for a natural release. Its flat-top and rounded edge make it easy to control, providing players with the confidence to hit their intended lines. This disc truly gives you the best of both worlds - the added speed and precision of the Challenger, with the understable flight of the SS.

For those who prefer a putter that feels just right, the Challenger SS is a standout choice. The various plastic types available, including ESP, Putter Blend, and Jawbreaker, cater to different preferences and playing conditions. ESP, known for its stability, offers consistent flight, while Putter Blend and Jawbreaker provide a touch less stability, ensuring a reliable fade on edge-of-circle putts.

Many players have found their putting putter in the Challenger SS. Its consistent flight, comfortable grip, and smooth glide make it an ideal choice for those looking to improve their putting game. Whether you're a push putter or prefer a direct putting style, the Challenger SS adapts to your technique, resulting in increased accuracy and confidence on the green.

Not only does the Challenger SS shine as a putting putter, but it also excels as a throwing disc. Its stability allows for precision upshots and controlled drives, while its beadless rim enhances comfort and grip. Whether you need a straight shot from 150 feet or in, or want a workhorse putter for your driving needs, the Challenger SS delivers.

Play with confidence and master your putting game with the Discraft Challenger SS. Its stability, speed, and reliability make it a must-have disc for disc golfers of all skill levels. Try the Challenger SS and experience the smooth, longer flights this disc has to offer.