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Discmania Rainmaker

Discmania Rainmaker Review

Embrace precision putts with the Discmania Rainmaker, a collaboration with professional disc golfer Eagle McMahon that has shaped the putter to meet the demands of the highest levels of competition.

The Rainmaker is a stable putter with a profile slightly lower than the P2, boasting a straight flight and more bevel on the edge for a comfortable release. Designed with both putting and upshots in mind, the Rainmaker asserts itself as a versatile tool adept for various conditions on the green.

Clocked in with the finesse of a putter at a speed of 2, this disc is about control and consistency, pivoting away from raw power and towards accuracy and touch.

Discmania Rainmaker Flight Numbers:

  • Speed: 2
  • Glide: 3
  • Turn: 0
  • Fade: 0.5

Rainmaker Key Features:

  • Designed with input from world-class putter Eagle McMahon
  • Slightly lower profile and straighter flight than the P2
  • Beveled edge for a smooth, comfortable release
  • Minimal fade allows for confident putting and minimal roll-away risk
  • Reliable as a point-and-shoot throwing putter with great glide

The Rainmaker's flat profile and firm rim give players confidence during putts and controlled upshots. Its balanced flight numbers truly reflect its performance – a straight flying disc with just enough glide to reach the basket and a minimal fade to stay close, whether for a lofty putt or a precision approach.

Players, both advanced and beginning, will find the Rainmaker's dependable flight an asset to their game. It's the type of putter that bolsters confidence as it heads towards the chains, release after release. Whether used on the tee for short holes or relied upon for clutch putts, the Discmania Rainmaker is a disc to make it rain on the scorecard with birdies and aces.