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Discraft Captain's Raptor

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    Discraft Captain's Raptor

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    The Captain's Raptor was created for Team Discraft Captain Paul Ulibarri, is made with Swirly ESP plastic, and is extremely overstable. If you like...

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Captain's Raptor Quick Facts:

  • Beefier version of the Raptor
  • More overstable for adverse conditions
  • Shapeable flight for control
  • Similar to Firebird's stability
  • Comfortable grip, dependable performance

Discraft Captain Raptor Review: Overstable Driver

The Discraft Captain's Raptor is an even more overstable version of the popular Raptor and was designed by Paul Ulibarri. This beast of a disc takes the reliability and stability of the original Raptor to a whole new level. Designed to slice through the air with ease, the Captain's Raptor offers an even more overstable flight for those adverse weather conditions and challenging shots.

With flight numbers of 9/3/1/4, the Captain's Raptor lives up to its reputation as a true workhorse. Its flat top and similar rim to the Raptor give it a familiar feel, but its increased overstableness sets it apart. This disc is not for the faint of heart. It was made with pros in mind, offering them the reliable flight they need to conquer any course.

One unique characteristic of the Captain's Raptor is its shapeability. It's the strangest thing, but the disc becomes more shapeable and less overstable the slower you throw it. Soft shots engage an E-Brake drift, allowing for precise control in tight corners. This makes the Captain's Raptor a versatile disc that can handle a range of shot shapes and distances.

Players who are familiar with the Firebird will appreciate the similarities between the Captain's Raptor and this popular disc. In fact, the Captain's Raptor is just as overstable as a new Firebird, making it an excellent alternative for Firebird throwers. Whether you're looking for a reliable skip shot, a forceful hyzer, or a versatile utility disc, the Captain's Raptor delivers.

The deep rim and flat profile of the Captain's Raptor provide a comfortable grip that feels secure in your hand. It allows for clean releases, even from awkward footing. This disc is a true performer in adverse weather conditions, making it a go-to choice for players with high arm speeds.

Carrying a max weight for added stability, the Captain's Raptor is a trustworthy companion on the course. However, it's worth noting that over time, this disc may beat in and exhibit a slight flip when thrown flat. Despite this, its stability remains intact, making it a great choice for any player seeking a reliable and workable disc.

Don't just take our word for it—watch the reviews and see for yourself why the Captain's Raptor has become a staple in professional players' bags. From impressive flex lines to hard skip shots, this disc delivers the power and control needed for advanced play.

If you're an intermediate player with a powerful forehand, the Captain's Raptor will become your go-to utility disc. Its stability and beefy flight path will enhance your performance on the course.

Experience the power, reliability, and shapeability of the Discraft Captain's Raptor. This disc is built to conquer any condition and is a must-have for players seeking an even more overstable flight. Take your game to the next level with the Captain's Raptor.