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Discraft Force

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    Discraft Paul McBeth 6x Claw McBeast Force

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    Flight Numbers Speed: 12 Glide: 5 Turn: 0 Fade: 3 Skill Level: Intermediate to Advanced Disc Type: Distance Driver Stability: Overstable Plastic:...

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    Discraft Force (ESP)

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    Discraft Force Flight Numbers Speed: 12 Glide: 5 Turn: 0 Fade: 3 Dimensions Diameter: 21.1 cm Height: 1.7 cm Rim Depth: 1.2 cm Rim Thickness: 2....

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Force Quick Facts

  • Overstable Distance Driver
  • Speed: 12 / Glide: 5 / Turn: 0 / Fade: 3
  • Wide Rim for Maximum Distance
  • Excellent for Hyzer Shots
  • Perfect for Forehand Throws

Discraft Force Review: Overstable Driver

Get ready to unleash the power of the Discraft Force! As one of the most overstable distance drivers on the market, this disc is built for maximum distance and control. With a stability rating of 2.0, the Force lives up to its name with an impressive fade of 3.

Designed for power throwers who want to push their distances to the limit, the Force features a wide rim (2.3cm) and jaw-dropping glide for a completely new level of potential distance. Whether you're throwing with force or looking for a reliable wind-fighting disc, the Force is here to deliver.

This disc is a favorite among experienced players for its consistency and predictability. When thrown with precision, the Force will sail through the air, maintaining stability and offering a dependable fade at the end of each flight. It's an expert's choice for hyzer shots and forehand throws, providing precise control in challenging situations.

Don't be fooled by its powerful nature, though. The Force can also be a valuable tool for beginners looking to improve their forehand and flex shots. While it may initially serve as a utility disc, it's the perfect tool to help beginners develop more powerful forehands and flex forehands for effortless distance.

Choose from a range of plastics, including the affordable Pro-D, high-quality Elite Z, ESP, and Titanium options. Each plastic type offers its own unique characteristics, so you can find the Force that best suits your style and preferences.

Get yourself the Discraft Force today and experience the driving force behind maximum distance and control. It's time to unleash your full throwing potential on the course with this exceptional disc.