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Discraft Athena

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    Discraft Paul Mcbeth 6x Claw ESP Athena

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    Flight Numbers Speed: 7 Glide: 5 Turn: 0 Fade: 2 Skill Level: Any Disc Type: Fairway Driver Stability: Overstable Plastic: ESP More Discraft Athe...

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Athena Quick Facts

  • All-Purpose Fairway Driver
  • Speed: 7 / Glide: 5 / Turn: 0 / Fade: 2
  • Versatile with Excellent Control
  • Perfect for Straight Shots
  • Great for Forehand Throws

Discraft Athena Review: Overstable Fairway Driver

Introducing the Discraft Athena, the versatile control driver that brings power, precision, and reliability to your disc golf game. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out, the Athena is your go-to disc for landing in the perfect position with exceptional control.

With a speed rating of 7 and a glide rating of 5, the Athena is specially crafted for those shots where distance may not be the top priority. It shines when it comes to maintaining a straight flight, providing you with the precision needed to navigate tight wooded holes with confidence.

The Athena's stability is what truly sets it apart. With a turn rating of 0, it remains steady in the air, allowing you to throw it with power and watch it follow your desired line. And with a fade rating of 2, you can count on a reliable finish at the end of each throw.

This disc feels amazing in your hand, thanks to its ergonomic design and perfect weight distribution. It's a disc that's built to handle multiple throwing styles, making it an excellent choice for both forehand and backhand shots. No matter your preference, the Athena provides a comfortable grip and a consistent release.

If you're new to disc golf, the Athena is a fantastic choice to kickstart your journey. With its beginner-friendly flight characteristics, you'll be able to achieve decent distances while still seeing room for improvement. And for intermediate players, the Athena is an absolute gem for forehand shots, allowing for precise control and remarkable accuracy.

The Discraft Athena is a rock-solid fairway driver that will quickly become a reliable disc in your collection. It offers stability without being overly beefy, making it versatile on the course. Whether you're looking for a straight flight or a dependable fade, the Athena delivers with flying colors.

Experience the power, control, and consistency that the Discraft Athena brings to your game. Add one to your bag and witness the difference it makes on the fairway.