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Discraft Fierce

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    Discraft Fierce

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    The Discraft Fierce is Paige Pierces signature disc and is made with Rubber Blend plastic. This plastic is very grippy and slightly similar to Jawb...

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Fierce Quick Facts:

  • Beadless understable putter
  • Grippy plastic feel
  • Straight flight with touch of glide
  • Perfect for putting and throwing
  • Durable prototype plastic blend

Discraft Fierce Review: Understable Putter

The Discraft Fierce the signature understable putter designed by the renowned Paige Pierce. This beadless, understable putter provides the perfect combination of grip and control. Crafted with a grippy plastic feel, the Fierce is designed to feel amazing in your hand, allowing for confident and consistent releases.

Whether you're draining putts from any distance or looking for a reliable throwing putter, the Fierce has got you covered. Its flight characteristics make it a fantastic putting putter, delivering a straight shot with a touch of glide. Paired with its shallow rim and great feel, it's no wonder that many disc golfers have chosen the Fierce as their go-to putter.

But the Fierce offers more than just incredible putting potential. As a throwing putter, it shines with a laser-straight flight up to 40+ feet. This makes it ideal for those consistent, lofty bids at the basket without worrying about overshooting. While preferential for backhand shots, it can also work wonders for forehand shots, providing a consistent turnover flight.

Constructed with a prototype plastic blend, the Fierce offers both durability and longevity. Its fantastic feel and durable composition ensure the disc will withstand rigorous use and last you a long time. Its versatility is further highlighted by its understable flight, which allows for effortless turnovers and fairly long flights due to its impressive glide.

Discover why disc golfers of all skill levels have fallen in love with the Discraft Fierce. Experience the fantastic grip, reliable flight, and overall excellence of this amazing putter. Whether you're a seasoned player or just starting, the Fierce will become a valuable asset in your disc golf game. Elevate your putting and throwing to new heights with the Discraft Fierce today.